Woof page updated

I have updated the Woof introduction page:


This includes explanation of how to get Woof out of the Bones online repository.

Note, I have just now updated Woof online, so it's my very latest, that I used to build Quirky 001 -- plus I fixed a couple of bugs in the 'devx' (a couple of missing symlinks).

A warning about 'bones download'...
The first time that you run 'bones download' that's fine, you will then have Woof. After that, if you see an announcement on my blog that I have uploaded a new version of Woof, you can run 'bones download' again to sync with the latest code. Note however, if you have modified any of the files, they will get over-written.

You would need to backup any customised files first. This is an area that I plan to improve.

Note that if you have user customisations that you think I might want to incorporate into Woof, if you run 'woof save' it will create a delta file in directory 'woof-bones' that you can email to me.

Posted on 8 Dec 2009, 8:16


Posted on 8 Dec 2009, 22:25 by armel
Great Step Forward
Hello Barry.

It is great to hear to have now the possibility to work decentral on puppy and send you patches for improovment of puppy.

I am sure this step will improve Puppy User Friendlyness a lot !

Posted on 9 Dec 2009, 4:29 by escucha
What a futuristic computing
Playing around all the day in a frugal install of Quirky.. That's great!
I just becoming a Quirk-pup-fan. Thanks Barry.