Searchmonkey is back

Searchmonkey is the best file and file-content finder, but in Puppy4 it crashes, which is why it wasn't chosen.

In Quirky however, it works, but then I discovered that the project has been revitalised, and there is a new version, 0.8.1.

Searchmonkey home:

My PET, compiled in Quirky:
...PET size is 92KB.

I have chosen Searchmonkey as the sole file finder app in Quirky.

Posted on 15 Dec 2009, 8:13


Posted on 15 Dec 2009, 10:22 by Sit Heel Speak
Question on Searchmonkey
Does Searchmonkey have the ability to, as PFind does, set a top directory to search (such as /) and *exclude* a chosen subdirectory (such as /mnt)? I cannot see how to do this in Searchmonkey. Without this capability, Searchmonkey is not an acceptable substitute for PFind.

Posted on 15 Dec 2009, 14:05 by BarryK
Re: Searchmonkey
I would never ever search from '/', only from a lower directory, so it is not an issue for me. I notice that Searchmonkey defaults to /root/, and then remembers your last choice, which is most sensible.

Mostly I like Searchmonkey because of the advanced regular expression builders, that make it real easy to construct regular expressions even if you don't know anything about them.

Extremely fast too, excellent summary windows.

So it's a case of one minor feature missing but lots of other excellent features.

As Searchmonkey project is active again, the developer would be interested in suggestions.

Posted on 15 Dec 2009, 14:33 by ttuuxxx
Hi Barry if you make a /root/.searchmonkey (hidden folder) you'll have a config.ini file.
now the trick is to set it.
I have it set for rox, default text editor, default browser and to use the search directory "/"
I tried posting it here but it had too many characters.

Posted on 15 Dec 2009, 18:27 by disciple
Since when did you need to manually create a config? It has a config gui...

I set rox as the text editor too, which lets me open any file, including those that aren't text... although to tell the truth I only use Searchmonkey a couple of times a year as Pfind is so much easier for most of my needs.

Posted on 16 Dec 2009, 7:11 by BarryK
Pfind and Searchmonkey
Well, considering that Pfind PET is only 17KB (Searchmonkey PET is 92KB) and they both have different strengths, there is a strong argument for having both. So I have now put both into Quirky.

Posted on 16 Dec 2009, 8:41 by raymundo dionicio
Life is good
;) :) ,)

Posted on 16 Dec 2009, 9:19 by raymundo dionicio
Lately doing global
renames with renamutils
qmv -f do -R -e leafpad *
and then cut and paste to gnumeric

where I can play in a very interactive
an playful way with desired results...

when achived them cut an paste back
to leafpad to do actual rename.

Posted on 30 May 2010, 8:05 by Adam
Searchmonkey Founder

I am the developer of Searchmonkey, and I am happy to say that the development is very much alive!

Please feel free to pass on any suggestions on how to get Searchmonkey working better with Puppy Linux.

We have recently released version 2.0 of Searchmonkey and my goal is to get it to be the number one Search tool for Linux and Windows.

If you want to contact me direct, please email:
searchmonkey -at- embeddediq -dot- com

All the best,

Adam - Seachmonkey founder

Posted on 30 May 2010, 8:31 by BarryK
Re Searchmonkey
Thanks for the info. I took Searchmonkey out of Quirky awhile back, can't remember why, I think that I decided it didn't offer much more than Pfind.

I'll take a look at v2.

Posted on 30 May 2010, 8:36 by BarryK
Searchmonkey: no
I have just looked at the Searchmonkey site. You have moved from GTK to Qt.

Puppy Linux is based on GTK apps. Sorry.

Posted on 30 May 2010, 14:45 by ttuuxxx
Hi Adam please could you continue your support for gtk2 version of SearchMonkey since QT isn't included in puppy and would just add too much extra weight to this slim distro.