NicoEdit 2.5

Nicolas has made a couple of small improvements and released version 2.5.

One of those is to recognise the "shebang line" (first line in a script) of "#!/bin/ash"

Another was 2.4 refuses to open the PPLOG Perl script. I haven't tested yet, but that should be fixed now.

2.5 source:

PET package compiled in Quirky:

Posted on 15 Dec 2009, 8:47


Posted on 15 Dec 2009, 16:37 by wuxiandianzi
Hi, Teacher
If I change the kernel in puppy431,can you tellme how to compile the "devx_XXX.sfs" ?
Thanks for your time.

Posted on 15 Dec 2009, 21:33 by Jota

NicoEdit 2.4 in Quirky 001 does not seem to remember the window dimensions after resize, it defaults to the same values.
Also, could the config files for NicoEdit be stored in a diferent location other than /root?? For example /root/config/NicoEdit or /root/.nicoedit?
Thank you.

Posted on 15 Dec 2009, 23:03 by Josť Luis Lorente
Barry, which is the user/password for the sources directory. I would like to see the sources of NicoEdi 2.5.

Posted on 16 Dec 2009, 5:48 by Jota
Re: User/Password

The user/password is the name of your preferred Linux distro... :-)
(two words, one for each)

But, if you still aren't able to find your way, maybe this could help: ;-)

Posted on 16 Dec 2009, 8:47 by Josť Luis Lorente
Thank you, Jota. I totally missed that post. I finally was able to get the sources.