Quirky 002 soon

I have updated Pburn to 3.1.7, Precord to 2.0.6 and NicoEdit to 2.5.1.

Or rather, I made a PET package for the latest NicoEdit, but I have decided to build Quirky 002 with only Geany.

I have made a little short-list for Quirky 002, which I think I can get through tonight and tomorrow morning, so maybe will upload 002 tomorrow afternoon.

It's going to be a "straight Tpup", normal desktop with JWM and tray on the bottom, usual icons on the desktop. I do intend to play some more with a cleaner desktop, however the purpose of 002 is to test that my efforts to reduce the size still results in a sane system.

So, try all the apps, printing, scanning, whatever, let me know if anything is broken. Note, I have not yet put in Jemimah's Pwireless2 -- probably will do that for 003.

Posted on 20 Dec 2009, 18:02


Posted on 20 Dec 2009, 23:34 by Terryphi
Quirky 002 and screen resolution
I'm looking forward to trying Quirky 002 and as I use a desktop PC I am glad that this version will have a normal JWM desktop with tray at the bottom. Call me a traditionalist but nothing works better for me.

I am rather confused by the different resolutions offered by different versions of Puppy and Quirky.
My resolution of choice is 1024x768 but Quirky 001 only offered 1280x960. This meant that I had to increase font sizes dramatically everywhere but some fonts were still too small in some apps.

It is a shame that Puppy and Quirky have never provided a satisfactory "straight out of the box" display at 1024x768 resolution on my modern hardware. It is always displaced to the right. Strangely, Ubuntu is happy at this resolution.

Anyway, enough of the caveats. Thanks Barry for your marvellous creations. Long live minimalism!
Happy Christmas and New Year.

Posted on 20 Dec 2009, 24:26 by Terryphi
1024x768 screen resolution
I should. of course, have explained that I boot into several different operating systems. The displaced display could be permanently corrected by adjusting my monitor if I only had one OS. The mystery is why does Puppy (and maybe Quirky too) displace the display at 1024x768 when other operating systems do not?

Posted on 21 Dec 2009, 7:20 by BarryK
Displaced screen
Run the Xorg Wizard and choose the "tweak" option then adjust the screen refresh frequency up or down, see if that makes any difference.