Woof uploaded, January 7, 2010

These are the comments in the 'commits' file since the last upload:

ntfs-3g in initrd (and quirky pkg) updated from 2009.4.4 to 2009.11.14
fix shutdown if ntfs partition mounted, 60-sec timeout in shutdown dlg

JorgenS reported in the Quirky 003 feedback thread that the on-going problem remains, if a NTFS partition is mounted, Quirky will not shutdown, X just restarts. I have isolated the problem, and fixed /etc/rc.d/rc.shutdown.
Note, this problem did not occur if the NTFS partition has the 'pupsave'.

There was another issue where unattended shutdown may be required, and where there is no 'pupsave' file. The rc.shutdown script brings up a dialog asking if you want to create a 'pupsave', but if unattended then it will never shutdown. I have put in a 60 second timeout in the dialog, after which it will shutdown without creating a 'pupsave'.

Posted on 7 Jan 2010, 18:23


Posted on 7 Jan 2010, 21:18 by gposil
I had looked at upgrading Dpup's ntfs-3g from 2009.4.4 to later, but the advice from Debian central was that 2009.11.14 is causing problems with Debian sid 2.6.30.x+ and they will not commit updates till problems are resolved...hence I have kept Dpup at 2009.4.4...

Posted on 8 Jan 2010, 13:23 by Ramachandran
Dear Sir

Please note that I am unable to shutdown in my full hard disk installation. U may also improper shutdown also causing problem both Puppy as well as Quirky. What to do? I humbly request you to look into these problems.