Woof uploaded, January 13, 2010 (again)

Full hd install fixed!

Testers of Quirky 003 and earlier have reported that a full hard drive installation is broken. In fact, building any puppy, Dpup, Upup, or whatever, the full hd install is broken.

The reason for this is recent optimizations that I made in Woof, in which files in the initrd are not duplicated in the main f.s.:


...full hd install would have been partly broken right back in late November 2009.

So, as there are lots of people who like doing a full hd install, I have immediately uploaded the fix. For information about Woof and how to download, see here:


Note, the script that I fixed is /usr/sbin/puppyinstaller.

Posted on 13 Jan 2010, 19:11


Posted on 14 Jan 2010, 3:19 by playdayz
Cups 1.4.1
Thanks for catching the problem with full hard disk installs Barry; I had gone back to the last Woof before the problem--now I can go forward again.

Here's one for you. Cups 1.4.1 does not work in the default Karmic Puppy. When trying to add a printer it gives a 500 Internal server Error. It will work however, if you add 2 files and edit the packages-templates/cups/etc/cups/cupsd.conf. (It doesn't seem to need the dev file but you had included dev files for the other libraries)

The files to add are libcupscgi1,libcupscgi1-dev

Edit /packages-templates/cups/etc/cups/cupsd.conf and make this change/addition
# Administrator user group...

SystemGroup cups (change from root)
User cups (addition)

It worked for me anyway. It does not ask for a password and it finds printers and installs the driver and prints--tested on my HL2040 and three different computers. Thanks.

Posted on 14 Jan 2010, 8:42 by BarryK
Re Karmic printing
Thanks for that, I've made the changes in Woof.

Yeah, the '-dev' packages are needed, they go into the 'devx' sfs file. The "|exe,dev,doc>exe,nl" on the end of that cups line determines how the packages get sorted. The second field, "dev" means that -dev packages (or the development component of a package) will end up in the devx. The "exe" means that the essential components of normal packages end up in the puppy main f.s. "doc>exe" redirects the documentation in the package, instead of discarding it, it will also end up in the main f.s.