Mplayerplug-in fixed

As reported recently, The Mplayer browser plugin used in Quirky 005 crashes with some .ram files. After discussion with the developer Kevin, we determined that it is due to the .ram file being a single line of text without a trailing carriage-return character. But kevin pointed out that his code does test for that condition.

Rather than hand it over to Kevin to fix, I decided to tackle it. I found the appropriate file, and where it was crashing. I fixed it.

I have posted the fix to the Mplayerplug-in maillist, also have uploaded the patched source here:

Posted on 24 Jan 2010, 19:39


Posted on 24 Jan 2010, 22:42 by Terryphi
Mplayerplug-in fix
Barry: I am unclear how to patch Quirky 0.0.5. Is it simply a matter of an amended file or is it more complicated than that? Can you make an easily installed patch available for download?

Posted on 25 Jan 2010, 7:13 by BarryK
Re. Mplayerplug-in fix
That will be in Quirky 006, along with other fixes.

Posted on 3 Feb 2010, 4:39 by kdekorte

Did you ever try the patch I made to the mplayerplug-in cvs tree? I wanted to be sure that my patch, which was based on yours, actually fixed it.