Woof uploaded, Jan. 31, 2010

Lots of little fixes to scripts: pmount, drive_all, rc.sysinit, init, xdelta_gui. As reported in recent blog posts.

Posted on 31 Jan 2010, 16:23


Posted on 1 Feb 2010, 14:38 by WB7ODYFred
Testing T2 and Woof
Hello Barry,

My last comment blew up as I hit the submit button, the Dillo Browser crashed, oops

Just letting you know, I am out here testing T2 and Woof, following your
directions from the Web page.

When a new version number comes available and the old current version is (not aviailable)
do you use the ./scripts/Upgrade-Pkg script like this?
./scripts/Upgrade-Pkg mpfr 2.4.2
./sciprts/Upgrade-Pkg libidn 1.16
./sciprts/Upgrade-Pkg libcap 1.19

There is a Jan-10-2010 cumulative patch to mpfr, would
you manually download the mpfr 2.4.2, open up the files (un bzip un tar)
then apply the patch manually. Then tar the files, Then run cksum
then manualled edit the mpfr.desc file to put in the correct cksum number?

Fred Finster
WB7ODYFred at Yahoo dot com

I want to build puppy from T2 source to prove that I can do
it correctly for x86. Then change the architecture to MIPSEL and
see if I can build a Puppy for the Gdium MIPS Netbook.
http://olph.gdium.com Loongson 2F processor from China ST Microelectronics

Wish my previous post had not blown away into the ETHER?

What can I do to check/prove/update verify the T2 and the Woof builds?

Posted on 5 Feb 2010, 23:16 by edoc
Category Definitions?
It could be very valuable to have either at the top level of CATEGORIES or a top level of each Category either a brief "sticky" explanation of each project or a link to a page with an explanation. They are multiplying beyond a new person's reasonable ability to quickly sort out their varying purposes. Just a suggestion ...