Gecko: Adobe Flash player crashes

With my "432" pup, which has Adobe Flashplayer 10.x, it crashes when I try to play a video at In /tmp/xerr.log I see "illegal instruction".

So I tried Flashplayer9, same thing.

So I tried pskin's 431 pup, same thing.

Then I tried WattOS, and that works. WattOS has the Adobe player.

Just on the off-chance, I got the player out of WattOS and tried it in pup 431, still crashes.

So, it's something else. I suspect the MTRR registers. The kernel used in WattOS has MTRR disabled. I suppose that I could try that, recompile the kernel for Puppy with MTRR disabled.

Posted on 7 Feb 2010, 24:37


Posted on 8 Feb 2010, 17:19 by Anonymous Coward
Mike Barnes has mentioned somewhere on the Internet that Flash crashing is a known issue with the processor, and occurs in Windows as well. It might be likely, as you said, that the processor is advertising that it can do MTRR when in fact its implementation falls short.

Posted on 8 Feb 2010, 19:06 by BarryK
Still crashing
I have been through the exercise of compiling the kernel again. This is the kernel, and I disabled MTRR support.

Makes no difference though, the browser still crashes.

Yeah, I would say that the Adobe Flash player is compiled with expectations that the Xcore86 CPU cannot meet.

I haven't finished yet. I'm now going to try Quirky built with the Swfdec Flash player.

Posted on 8 Feb 2010, 20:46 by dogle
Here's wishing you all success - the prospect of future Puppy running free, no longer saddled with that load of invasive commercial malware is sweet.

Posted on 9 Feb 2010, 8:03 by BarryK
There has already been a long saga of testing Swfdec, reported on this blog. It doesn't come up to expectations.

Anyway, on the Gecko, when Swfdec tries to play a video, SeaMonkey goes up to 95% CPU usage and the "video" never gets beyond a black rectangle.