"432" on Gecko: Update

Puppy "4.3.2" customised for Gecko

Ok, I have uploaded the working Puppy "4.3.2" (unofficial release version) files:


Explanation how to install:


Some extra notes

1. I recommend adding "loglevel=3" to the kernel commandline in 'menu.lst'.
2. Dual booting with FreeDOS is great if you want to be able to update the Flash BIOS. Someone might be interested in going through the steps and produce a image file for a 4GB SD card.
3. I do not have a driver for the USB wifi adapter supplied by Norhetec. I substituted another, that uses the 'rt73usb' driver -- but that has some stability issues.
4. The space provided for the internal USB wifi adapter is small and you may have to strip the casing off the adapter.


I am now placing the Gecko onto the "back-burner" (as they say), doing other stuff. I have got one of the units setup okay with Puppy "432", to donate to an Indian NGO in March. The other unit, I'll keep, may fiddle with it again, especially if anyone else comes up with an improved Linux installation, such as the example given recently of Xubuntu.

When I state "okay", I really mean the best that I can get it for now. Wifi driver is unstable, no battery status, but basically usable. If you are reading this post and haven't seen my other posts on the Gecko, see here:


Posted on 13 Feb 2010, 8:31


Posted on 12 Mar 2010, 21:19 by Raffy
Kernel Src with Header Files
Michael just sent some files for linux-2.6.30-vortex86mx (full kernel source that includes all kernel header files).

I have forwarded the files (and chain of emails) to your gmail.

Posted on 12 Mar 2010, 22:02 by ttuuxxx
Hi Barry did you want a olpc XO ? I had 2 of them and sent one to micko, I still have one left, lol The way I look at it if you had a working model, maybe you might get further than me.

Posted on 13 Mar 2010, 6:46 by BarryK
Gecko, XO
We don't need the kernel header files from DMP. The 2.6.33-git7 kernel used in Quirky 008 works in the Gecko. Sound, ethernet, wireless, shutdown, all works. When I progress to the next 2.6.33.x kernel for a future Quirky, it will be the same situation.

What DMP needs to do though, is update the Xorg 'rdc' driver to work in Xorg 7.5. Currently we are forced to use the Xorg 'vesa' driver. Currently, the 'rdc' driver is designed for Xorg 7.3 only. While they are at it, they need to fix the mis-behaving mouse pointer.

Aargh! No, I gave mine away to a OLPC volunteer, certainly don't want another.

Posted on 11 Apr 2010, 8:52 by Masahiro Wada
apm: BIOS not found

I'm using Xubuntu 9.10 on Gecko EduBook.

I built new kernel to enable APM using
CONFIG_APM=y in .config.
But the kernel shows "apm: BIOS not found" in dmesg.

Your Puppy kernel can use apm.
Did you use something special way to build kernel?
Please tell me.

Sorry for my poor English.

Posted on 11 Apr 2010, 11:09 by BarryK
Our kernel is especially patched for the vortex86mx chipset. See:

user: pu#p#py password: li#n#ux (obfuscated)

Posted on 11 Apr 2010, 19:57 by Masahiro Wada
apm: BIOS not found

Thank you for your reply.

I've already patched vortex86mx.patch.
I'm afraid other patch is not related to APM.
Is it my misunderstanding?

Posted on 11 Apr 2010, 21:37 by BarryK
Gecko BIOS
You may need to update the BIOS in the Gecko.

Note, although we had APM "working" with Puppy, it wasn't of much use. What we wanted to do is read battery level, however the Gecko hardware is not capable of that.

Posted on 12 Apr 2010, 6:06 by Masahiro Wada
apm: BIOS not found

Yes, I've already updated BIOS.

And I only want to power-off automatically
when I shutdown.
I tested your Puppy and it could power-off,
but Xubuntu could not...

Posted on 12 Apr 2010, 8:51 by BarryK
Gecko power-off
There is one other thing, my kernel has a configure option enabled to support an RDC ide chip -- I think this was a new feature in the 2.6.33 kernel. I don't recall which option.

Posted on 12 Apr 2010, 8:47 by Masahiro Wada
apm: BIOS not found

Thank you for your advice.

To my regret, Xubuntu 9.10 uses 2.6.31 kernel.
I will wait new Xubuntu using 2.6.33 kernel.

Posted on 18 Apr 2010, 2:43 by Michael C. Barnes
RDC Video Driver
We are going to working with RDC over the next few weeks to show them issues with the Xorg driver. Hopefully we will get a solid Xorg 7.03 and then get them to finish their 7.05 drivers. We have set up www.deviceonchip.com to distribute drivers as they become available.

Posted on 22 Apr 2010, 5:42 by technosaurus
gecko patches
you had stated that you lost the direct link to patches

found a source for a couple of patches
it was really slow so I used a cached page from google

which eventually got me to here:

Posted on 27 Apr 2010, 24:45 by Raffy
Latest RDC Video driver
Here is the latest RDC video driver sent in by Michael.

(The original RAR file can't be opened in Puppy so I had to use Windows to make sure I can open the file.)

Posted on 28 Apr 2010, 5:24 by Anonymous Coward
RDC Video Drivers
Tested them on my Edubook, and they don't work. Any other reports?