Quirky 008 uploaded

Grab Quirky 008 from here:


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...some very interesting new features to play with!

Forum thread to provide bug reports and any other feedback:


Posted on 4 Mar 2010, 17:14


Posted on 4 Mar 2010, 18:14 by PeterW
Wireless Connection
Just tried the CD and found I could not scan for wireless networks. The screen did not appear. Copied autoconnect from an earlier version of Puppy and popped it into /usr/local and that enabled me to get a wireless connection which I am using now.

Posted on 4 Mar 2010, 18:44 by Ramachandran
Quirky 008
Dear Sir

Thank you. I will get back to you after full installation. Thank you once again for great work.

Posted on 4 Mar 2010, 20:07 by BarryK
Keyboard layout bug fix
Important bug fix if you have a non-US keyboard layout:


Posted on 4 Mar 2010, 22:20 by capoverde
No MD5?
Thank you once more Barry, will test it ASAP; however, in the "md5sums.txt" file there's no entry for Quirky-008, thus a faulty download won't be easily spotted.

Posted on 4 Mar 2010, 22:36 by Terryphi
capoverde: look again
capoverede: Look again at md5sums.txt. There IS an entry for quirky-008.iso .

Posted on 5 Mar 2010, 2:09 by Terryphi
Clever but .....
All these network wizards are very clever but Quirky still does not recognise my Netgear WG111 usb adapter because the p54 usb driver is not available.

Posted on 5 Mar 2010, 11:42 by 8-bit
Burn Problem
I tried to use Burniso2cd and also PBurn and with both, I was unable to select /mnt/home/[my iso]
For some reason, /mnt/home is not being shown even though it is mounted and Quirky 8 is running frugal from it.

Posted on 5 Mar 2010, 15:03 by 8-bit
Burn Problem update
It turns out that one cannot access /mnt/home from PBurn or Burniso2cd until a pupsave file is created!
After making a pupsave file, I now can access /mnt/home from the burning utilities.

Posted on 5 Mar 2010, 16:16 by Ramachandran
While booting live CD, I am getting following message. Performing a switch_root' to the layered file system - Kernel panic - not sysnc in"
what to do?

Posted on 5 Mar 2010, 22:23 by BoscoBearbank
Xorg problem
xorgwizard wants to set xorg.conf to use the nv driver, but this driver does not work with my desktop PC's onboard Nvidia-9100 graphics; I need to use the vesa xorg driver. However, xorgwizard did not offer me the option of vesa.

FWIW, modprobe nouveau causes my screen to go black also. On the other hand, the kernel/xorg combination in the current Fedora 13 development branch, kernel-2.6.33-1.fc13.i686,
xorg-x11-drv-nouveau-0.0.16-2.20100218git2964702.fc13.i686 does work for me.

Posted on 6 Mar 2010, 8:17 by BarryK
nv driver
In the Xorg Wizard, after you have chosen to test the deault video driver, there is a window that offers to change to the Nouveau or Vesa drivers.

Hmmm, I might have to download that Fedora, try it for myself.

Interesting, I often read good things about Fedora. Perhaps I should expand Woof to support building from Fedora pkgs.

Posted on 6 Mar 2010, 12:09 by raymundo dioncio
Puppy Linux
Puppy Linux
Go ahead...
Finish your work...
:) :) :)

Posted on 6 Mar 2010, 12:10 by raymundo dionicio
Puppy Linux
Puppy Linux
Go ahead...
Finish your work...
:) :) :)

Posted on 6 Mar 2010, 20:53 by BoscoBearbank
Xorg problem
Just having the nouveau kernel module loaded seems to lead to a totally garbled display in X. This is true with either the nouveau or the vesa driver selected in xorg.conf. unloading the nouveau module, and selecting vesa in xorg.conf gives me a working X display.

The last time I tried the nouveau driver in Ubuntu (Lucid alpha 3), I had problems similar to those I'm encountering here. I figure since it works properly in Fedora, it'll eventually work properly in other distros too.

To me, there's actually an advantage to using the vesa driver in Puppy - I can boot it off a 1GB USB flash drive on any computer, and not have to worry about messing up my pupsave file. Although vesa modes don't include the native 1680x1050 format of my monitor, 1600x1200 doesn't look too bad.

Posted on 18 Mar 2010, 2:58 by Sage
Massive, Gigantic, Monumental Congratulations
No sarcasm intended on this one - 008 is the first P/Q to shutdown properly on SiS chipsets since ??? series one???
No idea how it was achieved, but it can now join the other thousand or so distros who have SiSsed how to do it.