Woof uploaded, April 12, 2010

I have been working flat-out fixing bugs and writing new code since Quirky 018 was released. There are already significant fixes in Woof, so I have uploaded it.

We have an ambitious plan to release multiple puppies about 6-7 May, maybe even sooner. It's looking pretty good with Quirky, I'm knocking down the bugs one after the other.

Further information on Woof:

Posted on 12 Apr 2010, 8:05


Posted on 14 Apr 2010, 2:18 by playdayz
Luci Pup 006
I do believe that Lucid Puppy is coming along nicely also. The video is working about as well as in Quirky I gather. Fonts are looking good. We have two innovations: Browser Installer (ready) and Quick Package (one-click graphic install in testing). AbiWord is in business with docx and spell check. We only have 2.8.2 so far though. We have Cups 1.4.3 running for user and possible solution to problem with server config. No innovations after 006 except one little surprise in 007. We have a lot of help and enthusiasm. Detailed discussion in the Lucid 006 main thread.