SeaMonkey 2.0.4: serious bug

As discussed in earlier blog thread:

The official instructions to register mms:// protocol are here:

...I tried it many different ways, nothing works. And I'm currently using the official binary SM that I downloaded from the SM site, so as to avoid problems previously experienced by compiling it myself.

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This is what iceape 2.0.3 has on a different system and mms: pops up with totem.

Posted on 14 Apr 2010, 8:44 by BarryK
SM 2.0.4 mms
2.0.4 has those settings. It doesn't work.

I have a suspicion that 2.0.4 has introduced a dependency on gconf. using the official binary sm pkg, I managed the crash sm, and guess what, the crashreporter also crashed, reporting that is missing!
It may be that it is expecting gconf to be there for setting mms protocol.

Posted on 14 Apr 2010, 18:34 by BarryK
Firefox 3.6.3: mms doesn't work
I wondered, as SM 2.0.4 is built from the same code base as Firefox 3.6, whether the latter can be configured to handle mms.

No it can't. It has the same bug. Everywhere you look on the Internet, there is the same advice, but it simply doesn't work anymore.

I am testing with the official binary Firefox 3.6.3.

JustGreg has also reported the same problem:

Posted on 14 Apr 2010, 22:00 by BarryK
Gconf doesn't fix SM
I thought maybe Gconf needs to be installed for mms protocol to be set in SM, as per one of the instructions here:

Nup. I installed Gconf and it's dependency Orbit, followed those instructions. No go.

So, it's really broken. We need to intensely lobby the Mozilla developers about this.