Ayttm rollback

Quirky testers have reported that Ayttm 0.6.2 is partly broken, so I have rolled back to 0.6.1.

I plan to upload Wary 020 tonight, as I have other engagements for the next couple of days. There is one thing that I would have liked to resolve:

Leon reported that the ATI Xorg driver does not work in Wary 019. I responded with some alternative drivers to test, but have not got any response from Leon since then:


So, when I release 020, anyone with ATI video, kindly report on the driver that comes with Wary, and if it is no good, report on the alternate drivers.

The two alternate drivers that I uploaded for Leon are here:


Note, if you want libGL (OpenGL) and DRI support for video, run the Puppy Package Manager and install the MESA PET package specifically for Wary (in 'puppy-quirky' repository). It may be that the ATI driver will work better if the MESA package is installed.

Posted on 22 Apr 2010, 16:20

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