When there is a version upgrade of a "pupsave" file, a message appears during bootup that old files that have been overwritten by "official" files have been moved to /tmp/versioncleanup.

However, users don't find them there. Actually, the old files can be found at /initrd/pup_rw/tmp/versioncleanup.

I tried to fix this a couple of times in the 'init' script. Had another stab at it, should be right this time.

Posted on 23 Apr 2010, 4:55


Posted on 23 Apr 2010, 8:38 by Raffy
Also /mnt/home at first boot
Thanks for that, Barry.

Another difficulty is finding the "home" partition, which Puppy mounts automatically at first boot. It shows only at /initrd/mnt/dev_save (?) - the problem of finding it happens if the user wants to save a downloaded file to the home partition (from an application).

Also (related to naming of paths/files): Shall the naming of pup-xxx.sfs be permanently changed to hyphen, no longer underscore? (This matters in writing help for users.)

Posted on 23 Apr 2010, 10:15 by B K
version cleanup files
Thanks Barry - reassuring to learn that it wasn't just my limitations that made them impossible to find. Puppy Forever.


Posted on 24 Apr 2010, 3:25 by perthie
The Hyphen
A better solution would be to eliminate it completely. Then there would be no confusion in situations where the filename is converted from upper to lower case.

Posted on 27 Apr 2010, 10:21 by PaulBx1
Why /tmp?
I always thought this was one of Puppy's rough edges, saving the stuff in /tmp. If you happen to boot after an update, forgetting to look through that stuff, it is gone. Very newbie-unfriendly.

Why not save it in /var, or even better /root (where it will not be forgotten)? Give the directory a descriptive name and a README file for each upgrade so people can throw them out when they are done with them, but not before.

I always haul a few of these around in /root (if I remember to copy it from /tmp before it disappears) for a while. They do not really blow up my pupsave any. A security blanket of sorts.

Posted on 27 Apr 2010, 18:23 by BarryK
why /tmp
The reasoning behind putting versioncleanup in /tmp is it could be a lot of stuff. If put into /var, a newbie may not realise that it is going to stay there permanently unless manually deleted.