Lucid Puppy 116 beta

It's looking like this might be the last beta before the Release Candidate. Go here to help with testing:

Playdayz mentioned testing my "classic" Network Wizard -- I think that is broken, take it out.

Posted on 8 May 2010, 10:12


Posted on 10 May 2010, 6:53 by stray
hoping to catch up
Havent had the time to bugtest Lucid, but hope to soon. Hoping to come up with a good solid list of confirmed-live stream URL's for the mediaplayers. Am thinking it would be nice to filter displayed choices by: Region (language? maybe grab the setting from what the user picks when first firing up Puppy?).. and Bandwidth capacity. Then below that could be genre submenus.
But as for simply balancing the pupTelly 8 presets and the PupRadio 8.. I hoped to have finished that by now and apologise for lagging. DEFinitely by rc2 or official release.. hopefully in the next day and before the Quirky servicepack.
chime in with your stream favorites: