Plug for Hostgator

I have got to congratulate Hostgator ( for their level of technical support. It is top-notch.

If I recall rightly, I signed up with Hostgator in November 2008. For a year prior to that I was with Servage ( and their support was absolutely abysmal. If you are interested to read about part of my saga with Servage, look at my news archive here:

My Hostgator site has been running trouble-free, with only minor glitches. Over the 1.5 years I have been with them, I have raised 5 or 6 tickets, and I think 3 or 4 of those were just my dumbness.

What I like is that the response is not only fast but the person who responds has real technical knowledge, plus the authority and motivation to look into it and if necessary fix it. Considering that they offer very cheap hosting, this level of support is amazing.

No, they aren't paying me to post this!

My latest problem was no exception. I was suddenly unable to post to my blog. Maybe they made changes to the security rules on their server -- whatever, the important thing is the support guy responded immediately and fixed it. He said that I was "hitting some mod_security rules".

Posted on 12 May 2010, 8:42


Posted on 12 May 2010, 19:01 by wombat01
Barry I agree. I have setup a blog there and am offering storage space and FTP access if anyone needs it. The service has been terrific. The few times I have needed help I have done it via chat and had the problem solved in seconds. They generally have about 70 people on standby to answer questions.

Very happy so far.