Spup dependencies bug fix

I already mentioned this bug. The dependency information for Slackware packages is in some cases incorrect. Dash characters were removed from the lists of dependencies, for example package 'glibc-solibs' was changed to 'glibcsolibs' in the package database.
This caused the Package Manager to say there are missing dependencies when there aren't.

The bug was in the '0setup' script, now fixed.

Posted on 26 Jun 2010, 20:48


Posted on 27 Jun 2010, 6:22 by TazOC
Thank you for Spup
I see the new kernel, and maybe I missed this before, but you've incorporated www.stabellini.net for dependency checking of Slackware packages in PPM, along with a caution in DISTRO_COMPAT_REPOS about verifying that the site has updated when upgrading to a later version of Slackware.

I didn't know about that repo's dependency info--thank you and well done Barry!

Posted on 27 Jun 2010, 11:31 by aarf
is it a simple fix that we can use and then test?

Posted on 27 Jun 2010, 11:50 by BarryK
0setup simple fix
Yes, I just added a '-' into line 346:

DB_dependencies="`echo -n "$DB_ONELINE" | grep -o ' PACKAGE REQUIRED: .* PACKAGE ' | sed -e 's% PACKAGE %%' | cut -f 2-99 -d ' ' | sed -e 's% [^,]*%%g' | sed -e 's%,%,+%g' | sed -e 's/[^0-9a-zA-Z.+_=,-]//g'`" #100626

Posted on 27 Jun 2010, 11:51 by BarryK
That is, in here:


Posted on 27 Jun 2010, 14:29 by aarf
pfind the '0setup' script
ok but there is no pfind so need directions to the '0setup' script

Posted on 27 Jun 2010, 18:18 by BarryK
0setup is one of the build scripts in Woof. The fix is only relevant for people using Woof to build an Spup. Other Spup users will have to wait for the next release of Spup.