I have compiled this kernel in Wary, intend to use it for the next release of Wary.

Patched source tarball and SFS can be found here:

pu#p#py li#nu#x

I tried to compile all the analog modem drivers, had the same success/fail as with the 2.6.34.x kernel.

Posted on 24 Jul 2010, 8:28


Posted on 24 Jul 2010, 21:53 by ChrisThomas
Quirky 1.3 ?
Will you develop Quirky anymore?

Will Quirky be one step ahead of Wary always?


Posted on 25 Jul 2010, 4:54 by panzerpuppy
Quirky = the best variant of puppy from BarryK

Barry should update Quirky. It's the only *cutting-edge* puppy that works great on a wide variety of hardware (from the crappiest 12-year old single core Intel celeron-based PCs to modern six-core Core i7 beasts)

Works even better on AMD-based hardware - Athlons, Durons, Semprons and Phenoms just love it :)

Posted on 25 Jul 2010, 10:05 by happypuppy
WONDERFUL (multimedia) news for BarryK and all Puppy users :)

FFmpeg's new 'ffvp8' WEBM Decoder is 100% open-source (unlike libvpx / GStreamer) and BLASTS Google's / GStreamer's libvpx in performance !

" Back when I originally reviewed VP8, I noted that the official decoder, libvpx, was rather slow. While there was no particular reason that it should be much faster than a good H.264 decoder, it shouldn’t have been that much slower either! So, I set out with Ronald Bultje and David Conrad to make a better one in FFmpeg. This one would be community-developed and free from the beginning, rather than the proprietary code-dump that was libvpx. A few weeks ago the decoder was complete enough to be bit-exact with libvpx, making it the first independent free implementation of a VP8 decoder. Now, with the first round of optimizations complete, it should be ready for primetime. "

" Want to get faster playback of WebM in your browser? Lobby your browser developers to use ffvp8 instead of libvpx. I expect Chrome to switch first, as they already use libavcodec for most of their playback system. "

For more info click the original news link below:

Posted on 26 Jul 2010, 4:03 by Iguleder
Tried that
I compiled ffmpeg with the built-in VP8 codec for my puplet, now I can drop both the yasm and libvpx packages, that's great!

Moreover, it's way faster than libvpx ... so it's a win-win case.