Lupu Release Candidate

Final testing! Playdayz, 01micko, WhoDo and many more guys involved in developing and testing the upcoming Lupu 5.1 have now reached the Release Candidate:

Posted on 8 Aug 2010, 7:25


Posted on 8 Aug 2010, 8:53 by edoc
Lupu 509RC -- NIce, but ...
Lupu has struggled through a myriad of nagging bugs, swatted dead one-by-one by the dedicated team, and now is looking real good!

Would you consider adding the Libs link to Puppy Package manager for the frequent occasions that one gets to the end of loading an app only to be faced with a bewildering list of missing dependencies?

I am guessing a script might even offer to go there and grab those missing libs and install them -- so that the package management process is complete.

I don't know if this is possible, it just seems to be a nice addition if it were.

Posted on 8 Aug 2010, 11:25 by 01micko
libs link
hi doc

Not one for the blog really, but you should install Ubuntu Lucid Lynx libs for compatibility.

You'll find what you may need there. Bookmark it, and I'll suggest Playdayz add it to his "News" page.


Barry, I just wonder if you looked at my fix for freememapplet_tray titled.. fails in full install


Posted on 8 Aug 2010, 16:38 by BarryK
re freememapplet_tray
I have made a note of it. I have a bit of a backlog of things to do. During the period I was mostly offline, I did attempt to note anything that needed doing. Now I will try to catch up. If I miss anything important, that is, don't announce it as implemented on this blog, in the following week or so, kindly remind me.

Posted on 8 Aug 2010, 16:47 by 01micko
re freememapplet_tray
Thanks Barry

I have been running my hacked version for a couple of days in frugal and full no problem so I think it's safe enough for us in Lupu.

Take your time mate, Family first.

Also I made a page with useful lupu stuff, including links to the fixed kernel source and Ubuntu libs.


Posted on 9 Aug 2010, 23:47 by Sage
No show
It would be a terrible shame if this were released without answers to:, p113.