Lucid dreams video

Great stuff! Lobster has created a promo for Lucid Puppy 5.1 (or Puppy Lucid 5.1):

Posted on 8 Aug 2010, 17:10


Posted on 8 Aug 2010, 17:37 by aarf
lucid dream
what did you make that video with lobster. give that info also in the credits at youtube. eg. "this video made in lucid with xxxx."
very well done.

Posted on 8 Aug 2010, 18:06 by BarryK
Video shot with Openshot
Lobster used Openshot, announced here:

Posted on 8 Aug 2010, 18:31 by tronkel
Lucid promo video
I've put a link to this video in the Puppy section at

So that Lucid 5.1 gets good release exposure, please send the link to anywhere you can think of.

Lucid 5.1 should be big on Distrowatch when it gets released I reckon.