I'm back!

Sunday evening, and it is great to be home. I am keen to get stuck into Wary and Woof development again, but tonight will just relax.

I plan to watch the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony:


...notice "learn India with Hamish and Andy" ... those guys are comedians. They have a radio show in Australia, but if you live in the UK you might know them as they recently completed a tour (or something) there. Funny guys...


Posted on 3 Oct 2010, 18:18


Posted on 3 Oct 2010, 19:10 by Iguleder
Automake template
Barry, is there any reason why the automake template in Woof contains that annoying "automake" directory? It ends up in the main SFS, not very elegant.

Also, the main SFS contains nohup.out, pet.specs and other annoying files in it's root sometimes, can you add "rm *.specs nohup.out" before the mksquashfs call?

Thank you!

Posted on 4 Oct 2010, 7:17 by BarryK
Re automake template
Ok, all fixed.

Posted on 4 Oct 2010, 7:23 by BarryK
Vodafone modem gone
Guys, I have left my Vodafone USB modem behind in Perth, with my relative. She can use up the remaining 1GB (I bought it with 1GB prepaid) as it expires in 30 days, and I am out of range of the Vodafone coverage at home.

Right now I am back on satellite Internet.

Posted on 4 Oct 2010, 8:32 by FeodorF
Re Commonwealth Games
For the ones interested in sports