Pschedule 0.9

This is a scheduler GUI that uses crontab. It is created by zigbert and announced here:

I have upgraded to version 0.9.

Posted on 20 Oct 2010, 22:34


Posted on 21 Oct 2010, 24:09 by broomdodger
"Run" not working
Pschedule 0.9
Quirky 1.3

First time I have looked at Pschedule.
It looks great, similar to cronnix on the mac.

I have some crontabs already working.
Selecting one and clicked "Run", nothing happened!
But it works fine when triggered by crond.
Am I using "Run" wrong?

0 13 * * * urxvt -g 64x9+0+0 -e vi /root/my-documents/note.txt

At 1pm each day open a console of size 64x9 with vi displaying the file note.txt

It works fine with crond, but not from the "Run" button.


Pschedule is not smart (yet?) about commented ("#") schedules, but I suppose that is on the todo list.


Posted on 22 Oct 2010, 6:45 by BarryK
Re Pschedule
You will have to ask zigbert about that.

Posted on 22 Oct 2010, 13:53 by broomdodger
Pschedule "Run" fixed
Hi Barry

I fixed the "Run" button, at least it now works for me.

I posted the fix on zigbert's announce page.