Woof uploaded, December 22, 2010

The last upload was November 28, here are the commits since then:

PPM choose display exe/dev/doc/nls, pkg search fixes
just about to switch back to building wary, probably v101
version used to build wary 102
auto-download latest BaCon for devx, see 3builddistro
version used to build wary 104 release candidate 1

For introduction and instructions to download Woof, go here:


So, if you have previously downloaded Woof, all you have to do this time is run this in the Woof project directory to update to the latest Woof files:

# bones download

Bones also has a GUI, just type "bones<RETURN>".

Note, if you want to use the 'zzz' package, make an entry in the end of PKGS_SPECS_TABLE variable in file DISTRO_PKGS_SPECS-*:


...the PET resides at 'pet_packages-quirky' on ibiblio.org.

The 'zzz' package modifies Woof, see blog posts. Here is the zzz package that I used to build Wary 104:


Posted on 22 Dec 2010, 12:19


Posted on 27 Dec 2010, 9:56 by 01micko
full install bug
I have confirmed with playdayz that there is a bug in full installation with any puppy version with DISTRO_VERSION=500 or greater.
It shows all the dependencies for puppy 2 and you need to download them! (tcl/tk, imlib etc)
Now, the problem is with the variable "OLDPVERSION". every single time (this is in a fresh install to a clean partition) that var is returned as "0". Wheras is NEWPVERSION="515" for example then OLDPVERSION should return the same, then that block of code in /etc/rc.d/rc.update from lines 103 to 318 wouldn't run (OLDPVERSION=$NEWPVERSION)
I just can't figure out why the value is ignored :|
This will indeed affect wary, as it does spup.

Posted on 27 Dec 2010, 12:13 by BarryK
Re full install
I have done test installs before, with version >500, without any trouble.

Glancing through the code, I don't see any problem.

I am away from home right now, don't have a spare partition to do a test install on.

Posted on 27 Dec 2010, 12:23 by 01micko
full install
I am going to try something where I see it possibly breaking down, I'll let you know the results.

Posted on 27 Dec 2010, 15:29 by 01micko
re full install
Ok, I've posted a hack-fix to the forum that seems to work fine, been testing awhile.


Posted on 27 Dec 2010, 23:11 by OttoS
Couldn't woof be simpler? I'm trying it for the first time and there are a lot of questions in step 0setup about packages in previous versions DBs and if I want to append or ignore them. How should I know?

Posted on 28 Dec 2010, 6:31 by BarryK
re weird rc.update bug
Thanks for that, I have fixed rc.update. I have done it a little bit differently, just set OLDPVERSION one-less than NEWPVERSION:

if [ "$OLDPVERSION" = "0" ];then #101228 01micko: workaround for weird bug, full hd install.

Posted on 28 Dec 2010, 7:09 by 01micko
re rc.update bug
Yes, that will work, it will go through the entire update routine.. which is just a little slower, that's all. Testing now (though I know it will work ;)), just for playdayz' head.

@OttoS.. there is only one instance of that that I know of, but there could be more, you should press [enter] to accept.

Posted on 28 Dec 2010, 8:32 by 01micko
Ok, tested, works fine, have updated my forum post, see link in above message.