Holiday in Melbourne!

Having a great time. Here for a few more days, but suddenly was motivated to create a page with holiday snapshots:

...which turned into a bit of a promo for Melbourne and studying in Melbourne., if you decide to become a student at one of the Melbourne unis after reading my page, I should ask the uni for a commission

Posted on 23 Dec 2010, 10:05


Posted on 23 Dec 2010, 15:09 by cthisbear
Happy hols BK
Yes! Melbourne is nice.
But it's lost a little of its charisma lately.

I did my Nursing Aides course in Melbourne in the seventies. And I'm from Sydney.

Good to see you enjoying yourself BK.
Seasons Greetings....keep well.


Posted on 23 Dec 2010, 15:32 by ozsouth
Glad you're enjoying your break
Nice to put a face to the name of the person who's helped so many PC users. (You bear a resemblance to Cat Stevens). Merry Christmas!

Posted on 23 Dec 2010, 23:06 by Raffy
How inspiring to see you in pictures again! I still keep and have styled your 1992 shot:

Merry Christmas!

Posted on 24 Dec 2010, 6:37 by upnorth
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Thank you for the latest Wary and all else you have done.
Best Wishes.

Posted on 24 Dec 2010, 7:20 by PeachBlossum
My rubbish bin computer
Glad you liked your time in Melbs.
Thanks to those international students you mentioned and your OS, I now have my own functioning netbook which I saved from their rubbish.
I opened it and found a black hole of Windows error messages in Chinese.
I know next to nothing about computers but with Puppy and a little google it's all good.

Thankyou so much for all the work you must have put into this. You don't know me but you've given me a great chrissy present.

Merry Christmas!

Posted on 24 Dec 2010, 12:42 by mistfire
Maligayang Pasko (Merry Christmas)
Merry Xmas Barry, Your OS that you designed is the most flexible tool that I ever had. I can recover files from a system that fails to boot and also remove viruses from USB flash drives. I'm almost three years in Puppy World. I wish that I can modify the Puppy to make it better and very user friendly. Best Wishes. Good Luck. More power