Woof uploaded, December 29, 2010

This is the Woof used to build Wary Puppy 5.0.

For introduction and instructions to download Woof, go here:


So, if you have previously downloaded Woof, all you have to do this time is run this in the Woof project directory to update to the latest Woof files:

# bones download

Bones also has a GUI, just type "bones<RETURN>".

Note, if you want to use the 'zzz' package, make an entry in the end of PKGS_SPECS_TABLE variable in file DISTRO_PKGS_SPECS-*:


...the PET resides at 'pet_packages-quirky' on ibiblio.org.

The 'zzz' package modifies Woof, see blog posts. Here is the zzz package that I used to build Wary 5.0:


Posted on 29 Dec 2010, 12:54


Posted on 16 Jan 2011, 19:00 by scsijon
woof gui q
>choose pkgs tab> as the add/remove tabs at bottom don't work, I need to know the files to edit. The pet one is easy to find to ammend as it's listed at the bottom of the page, however I have no idea what the second one is likely to be called or where it is located. Can you help please?
I'm playing with a lucid puppy build to use as a learning curve as to meet my specs i'm planning to eventually use playdayz 5.2 as my base to work with.


Posted on 17 Jan 2011, 10:28 by scsijon
delete above comment
system wouldn't allow me to delete my comment, have worked out what's what


Posted on 19 Jan 2011, 12:07 by scsijon
woof problems today
2 problems for you i think from a fresh woof update / woof-gui run.

lupu specifications

1/ Download errors file has this:
GENERICNAME=bacon however PET package not found.
GENERICNAME=bones however PET package not found.
GENERICNAME=embutils_cut however PET package not found.
GENERICNAME=gtrayicon however PET package not found.
GENERICNAME=powerapplet_tray however PET package not found.
GENERICNAME=sys-freedos however PET package not found.
GENERICNAME=usb-modeswitch however PET package not found.
GENERICNAME=xf86-input-keyboard however PET package not found.

2/ Download-Fails file has this:
(did notice it was looking for a puppy-igu directory when trying to download)

Also when you have time please, could you check out http://murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?p=486982#486982 and comment.

I think i'm beginning to like the woof-gui building process!