Orinoco_usb wireless driver

Tempestuous has compiled the orinoco_usb driver for the kernel used in Lucid Puppy 5.2:

I have downloaded the same source and compiled it for the kernel used in Wary 5.1RC. The latest PET with this driver included (for Woof developers only) (29.5MB):

I have uploaded the source to here:

Posted on 20 Feb 2011, 8:36


Posted on 21 Feb 2011, 15:22 by tempestuous
the other orinoco modules
Barry, you're probably aware already, but the "orinoco_usb" source code will build the "orinoco" module as well.
This underlying module might then break the standard PCI/PCMCIA orinoco modules already contained in Puppy.
It would be safest to build all orinoco modules from the new source code, if possible.