Mageia 1 DVD/CDs arrived

I would like to thank Grant and Rob (wombat01/smokey01 and rob_townsville) who sent me Mageia 1 DVD and CDs, see earlier post:

I went to the Post Office today, and there they were!

Right now I'm working on a new script in Woof, so I'll keep the momentum going on that, hopefully should get that done by tomorrow, then I intend to install Mageia.

I would like to get a feeling for Mageia and its packages. The idea of course, is whether it would be a good thing for Woof to be able to build a pup from Mageia packages.
Thanks to Iguleder who made the start with Scientific Linux, an RPM-based package system, that makes it easier for us to add another RPM-based distro.

Posted on 9 Jun 2011, 15:43


Posted on 9 Jun 2011, 20:19 by Bm
I was too late to propose to sent a DVD.

I have downloaded the KDE live CD.
No possibility to save persistent storage.
But the configuring the whole system is really very user-friendly. As far as I see all aspects are covered. I could even easily make a bluetooth connection to my mobile phone to transfer data.

Maybe interesting to investigate how packages can be integrates in woof indeed.

Posted on 9 Jun 2011, 23:01 by adi
persistent file
There are no more hard disks replacement for old computers because of sata ports. What a pity that any hardware factory didn't build an usb to ide adapter for a stick to be transformed in hdd. now the usb sticks are 8G and more while the old ide hdd-s are 3 to 80G. So saving to an usb stick like puppy does remains the only chance.

Posted on 10 Jun 2011, 7:53 by rob_townsville
Glad they arrived
Hi Barry - Glad to see the they arrived safely. I am more than happy to help with downloading and sending you stuff if it's too big for you to download. Rob.

Posted on 10 Jun 2011, 8:57 by BarryK
Mageia installed
I couldn't resist it last night, and installed Mageia. I have set aside one computer for the sole purpose.

I was a pleasant experience. I chose to install the development packages as well, although the automatic selection only does that partly.
I read a bit about this on the Mageia forum, people have found it awkward that the installation cannot be setup for compiling easily.
Although I ticked the "Development" checkbox, that installed such things as gcc, however many library development packages were left out. I had to manually go through all the packages in the package manager and tick appropriate "devel" package. For example, "libgif" needs the header files etc. to compile against that library, which requires the "libgif-devel" package to be installed.
I think I got it right, haven't tried compiling anything yet.

The installation offered KDE, Gnome or LXDE desktops, and I chose LXDE.

The 'ati' video driver works ok, sound works. I have not yet setup networking -- my USB wireless module was one of the items stolen recently, so I will take a wifi card out of another PC. Will do that today.

Posted on 10 Jun 2011, 19:12 by BarryK
Connected with Mageia
Posting from Mageia right now!

Although I have found Mageia to be a pleasant experience, there are niggles, that make me think "huh? how come they haven't fixed that?"

For example, getting online. I plugged in a wifi card, booted, ran the Control Center, it offered ndiswrapper for my card, then asked me to insert the Mageia DVD -- when I did so, a window popped up asking me what did I want to do with the DVD, and I had to cancel that window -- the system should be a bit more cooperative and not popup an inappropriate window.

After installing ndiswrapper and wpa_supplicant, I was asked to insert CD with the Windows .inf driver -- got that popup window again that I had to cancel -- then got connected ok. Um, well, I did get connected, except that a window popped up informing me that a connection negotiation error had occurred -- yet I am connected. Oh well, another niggle.

I had to use ndiswrapper, as Mageia placed me in a "catch 22" situation. Many kernel wifi drivers need "non-free" firmware, that is not on the DVD. Hence the driver won't load.
I really would like to see a Puppy built from Mageia packages -- we are not at all bothered about including non-free/binary firmware, as long as the license allows it to be distributed and used at no charge.