I'm back!

I was away for a week, in Melbourne visiting my daughter.

Good to be home, my place wasn't burgled (again) while I was away, good!

I enjoyed excursions into the Melbourne CBD. As I am vegetarian, I scouted around for cheap vegetarian meals, and found these two:

Om Vegetarian: http://omvegetarian.com/
Crossways: http://www.iskcon.net.au/food/crossways

Om Vegetarian charges AU $6.50 for all-you-can eat, Crossways charges AU $7.50 (or $5.50 concession) for all-you-can-eat.
Fantastic prices.

I love Indian food, so these places suit me very much. However, Crossways use Ghee (clarified butter) for cooking, which conflicts with my trend toward becoming vegan.

Posted on 9 Jul 2011, 21:14


Posted on 10 Jul 2011, 2:40 by adi
hope to make sure trips again... one cannot forget a nice trip! thieves are everywhere in the world but it's a pity that happens so often. i had all my studio stolen several times and i really need a better world...

Posted on 10 Jul 2011, 8:27 by BarryK
Lord Of The Fries
While I am on the subject of vegetarian eateries in Melbourne CBD, another favourite of mine is Lord Of The Fries. They are take-away only, and they do vegan options on everything.

They do chips and burgers, the same kind of food that you get at fast-food joints, except vegetarian.

They are an Aussie company, with three stores right in the Melbourne CBD.

Lord Of The Fries: http://www.lordofthefries.com.au/

Posted on 10 Jul 2011, 14:33 by 8-bit
Burgled stuff
Just being curios as you never did give us an update.
Did you get any of the stolen items back?

Posted on 10 Jul 2011, 15:28 by BarryK
Re stolen items
No, last I heard, they were going to interview the fellow, but I presume that the goods have been on-sold.

I haven't got any insurance refund yet either, as they want proof of ownership of the items, plus quotes for replacement. The proof part is difficult, I can probably only provide evidence of ownership for a few of the items.
...I'm inclined to just not be bothered to do it.

Posted on 11 Jul 2011, 2:02 by Oldcowhand
Vegeterian conflicts
I am by nature a dedicated carnivore. However, I can sympathize with and respect the views of those with differing philosophies - as long as they do not proselytize

Us Texans have a saying (we have many, but this is an appropriate one):

"If we ain't supposed to eat animals, how come they is made outa' meat?"

Happy eating what pleases you - and I am also very fond of Indian food.

Posted on 11 Jul 2011, 6:24 by Tony
Vegan cheese cake
Hi Barry, if ever in a country that has a "Country Life Restaurant" they are brilliant. There used to be one in London but it closed due to rent increases. It was all vegan apart from honey in some of the creams. All you could eat for a fair price.
If ever you are in Wales UK I will treat you to a meal at Govindas in Swansea, their vegan cheese cake is yummy.
Glad you did not get robbed again.

Posted on 12 Jul 2011, 24:20 by ttuuxxx
re: I'm back!
Hi Barry if you like great tasting coffee, well there is no better coffee than Tim Horton's its a Canadian coffee franchise, I come from a small city of 46,000 and we have 8 of them, actually Canada has over 400 of them, Forget Starbucks, etc Tim's has always been the best, but its expensive here in Australia, http://ocanada.com.au/shop/catalogsearch/result/?q=coffee&quickSearch=search but its worth the flavor. Back in Canada I used to pay, $1.73 for a extra large coffee at Tim's, it was 500ml.

But I will say Australian kangaroo meat is a lot cheaper her, In Canada I was paying around $20 kg for it. Emu was much cheaper since they were locally grown, how strange it was seeing a emu standing on snow snow bank with -40c temps.