kernel recompile, take-5

Here we go again! As pemasu advised that vga-switcheroo requires the debugfs to be enabled in the kernel, I have recompiled it. Same links as per previous post:

I took the opportunity to extend my script 'bk-build.sh'. It is now totally automated right through, from patching the kernel, compiling, building the source .sfs, and now also builds the PET package. This is very convenient, considering how many times I have been recompiling the kernel.

Posted on 18 Jul 2011, 19:18


Posted on 2 Aug 2011, 20:30 by BarryK
PAE kernel acknowledgement
GCMartin sent me a pm about the history of development of the PAE-enabled kernel in Puppy:

The way this all began is

1. Thread about what was considered to be an error in 32bit Puppy use of RAM
2. Discussion leading up to an understanding that this was no error, but a design consideration
3. JamesBond presenting evidence that it was a design problem
4. JamesBond delivering the initial WARY modified to accommodaate all system RAM
5. PEMASU coming forward with newer kernels and several distros which accommodates all system RAM
6. Barry's announcement of PAE direction

I am sure you are aware of this, and just thought it deserved a simple historical record.

Yes indeed!