Wary plans

For those wondering about the next Wary, I plan to release a beta of 5.1.3 in a couple of days.

Wary 5.2 will have many more package upgrades, and that is a bit further away.

There have been many improvements to Woof since the last upload, so I intend to upload Woof in a couple of days also.

Posted on 5 Aug 2011, 21:04


Posted on 5 Aug 2011, 21:50 by Iguleder1
Barry, can you move the code that starts the pinboard to /root/Startup? This could make it much easier to disable it and build puplets without desktop icons (e.g PekWM, Fluxbox, E16/17 ones).

Posted on 8 Aug 2011, 2:39 by GCMartin
Fising hottname in PUPs
@01Micko presents this for consideration. Maybe a good thing for all of us.

Hopet his helps