Telstra 3G unusable

Sometimes my Telstra 3G wireless connection gets slow in the evenings. Last night from about 6pm to 9pm is was unusable -- pages would not finish loading, connections timed out.

Then it came good and I was able to upload the kernel stuff.

But all day today it has been unusable. Maybe they are having equipment problems. Even now, at 9.45pm, it is only just working.

Hmmm, won't load. Nothing will load. I will wait awhile before posting this.

Posted on 7 Aug 2011, 23:11


Posted on 8 Aug 2011, 5:55 by kirk
slow connection
I've got a similar problem. My DSL connection slows down badly in the evenings, sometimes to 0.8 Mbs. The phone company has over sold the switch I'm connected to. So when everyone gets home after work and tries to watch a video or something, the switch doesn't have the bandwidth to keep up. I call them every month to get my bill credited, which they do since they're supposed to be providing me 3Mbs. Maybe if enough of my neighbors do the same they'll upgrade their equipment.

Posted on 8 Aug 2011, 17:50 by lisztfr

Is there any chance to see your very nice OS one day on a Sharp Zaurus SL-C1000 ? It's Arm tech.

Posted on 8 Aug 2011, 18:51 by aarf
driver preference problem
tempestous says you need to be informed of this start my reply. luci268

Posted on 8 Aug 2011, 19:58 by BarryK
Re driver preference
Regarding the preference "rt2800usb:rt2870sta", I rewrote the code that handles that in Woof, but Lucid is built with an old version of Woof prior to that rewrite.

You might want to inform tempestuous that Drake Puppy 0.3 has the kernel. Search my blog for "drake" to learn more.

pemasu has also built some puppies with the kernel.

Drake is built from a very recent Woof, and I expect that the driver preferences mechanism is working.

Posted on 10 Aug 2011, 10:23 by Ted Dog
X ray spike
The largest flare of the solar cycle, an R3 (Strong) Radio Blackout, alternatively classified as an X6, occurred today at 0805Z.

There has been a higher activity as of late.