'install' choices fixed

I you click the 'install' icon on the desktop, a window with further choices pops up.

One button opens a web page with information on package management in Puppy, however, that was not the best page, fixed. Script /usr/sbin/dotpup.

Another button opens a window to choose SFS files to download. This is broken if the SFS file has a '_' in it's name. Fixed. Script /usr/sbin/sfsget.

Another button opens the Puppy Package Manager (PPM). One of the download URLs is 'cc.gatech.edu', however, this no longer mirrors Puppy PETs from ibiblio.org. I have removed it from the list. Files /root/.packages/DISTRO_COMPAT_REPOS and DISTRO_PET_REPOS.

Posted on 13 Aug 2011, 14:02


Posted on 13 Aug 2011, 14:11 by Iguleder1
PET repos bug
Barry, there's another bug related to DISTRO_PET_REPOS - take a look at the "*" case - only if a matching PET repo exists, the list of PET repos is set. Otherwise, the wooflet has no repos at all and Woof fails to download all PETs without a single error.

It's problematic on dpup, because it doesn't have its own repo.