Wary "5.2" progress

A couple of days ago I reran the compile in T2, and then imported all of the T2 binary packages to PETs. I now have a big collection of PETs that will be uploaded soon.

I have built Wary, currently at version 5.1.94, running it now, looking real good.

Give me another 4-5 days, and I should have the first beta of Wary "5.2" ready to go.

I also expect to have an upgrade PET for Xorg 7.5, that is intended to be seamlessly compatible with Wary and all apps. We shall see.
...that really has been the whole point of my "5.2" experiment.

Posted on 10 Sep 2011, 8:55


Posted on 10 Sep 2011, 10:13 by Raffy
Good for new AMD Fusion laptop
Having Xorg alternatives will be good for the new emachines AMD Fusion laptop that am testing. It can't run the newer pups (example, Fatdog64-520 with the new 3.03 kernel, SlackoB2, or dpup 4.99.x), which hang soon after X takes control. I have uploaded the contents of /tmp and lspci output here.