udev 167 with all rules

Mavrothal put in a request for this. The 'common' repo has a udev 167 PET that has cut-down and customised rules especially for Puppy.

I have created PET packages of the original udev 167 with all of the rules. These are for experimentation purposes.

PETs (169KB, 3KB, 32KB):

Posted on 18 Sep 2011, 17:17


Posted on 18 Sep 2011, 20:10 by mavrothal
Thanks, but
Thanks a lot.
I do appreciate it.

But I'm afraid I did not make my self clear enough.
I was hopping for the *full* udev package. eg with all the rules, keymaps, devices and extras.

Tried to compile myself in Racy to save you the trouble but failed. Needed gtkdoc which I compiled from T2 and installed but still failed looking for gtkdoc 1.10 >= :-?
Any suggestions on the configuration command?

Full udev is really needed for proper power management in the OLPC laptops running puppy.
Thanks again

Posted on 19 Sep 2011, 8:07 by BarryK
Full udev
That is the full udev. That's what I got when compiled from source. This is how I configured (same as done in T2):

./configure --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc --sbindir=/sbin --libdir=/usr/lib --with-rootlibdir=/lib --libexecdir=/lib/udev --build=i486-t2-linux-gnu --disable-extras --disable-introspection

Posted on 19 Sep 2011, 17:16 by mavrothal
Full udev w/extras
Thanks a lot for the config.

Actually the extras that is disabled, is what is needed.
Compile as you suggested, works fine but --enable-extras (on nothing) fails because it requires libacl.

acl-2.2.47 though from T2 does not compile because can not find attr/xattr.h
xattr.h is present in /usr/include/sys/ but sumehow can not be found (I guess similar to http://bkhome.org/blog/?viewDetailed=01316 ???)
Tried to check where the path for it is defined but no luck. The only references to attr/xattr.h are in configure and aclocal.m4 but no paths :-?

Any other suggestions?
Thanks again.

Posted on 14 Jan 2012, 24:24 by mavrothal
udev with extras
For the history, I managed to compile udev 167 with extras in Saluki-006 using then ubuntu natty sources. So I guess will also work in Racy
I needed to compile first gtk-doc, acl and attr and `make install-dev' the attr compile. Also needed some patching in linux/input.h

Would be nice if in future kernel compiles you set DEVTMPFS=y and DEVTMPFS_MOUNT=y so devices could be generated dynamically at boot time if needed.