Leafpad fixed

Terryphi reported that the icon for Leafpad is missing in the menu. Fixed.

I have not changed the package name, just reuploaded it (35KB):

A note about this PET. Leafpad has an optional dependency with libgnomeprintui. This is actually a deprecated library, but I have it in Wary/Racy, as some older apps use it. InkscapeLite can also optionally use it.
The above PET has that dependency, it gives better printing capability.

Posted on 5 Oct 2011, 18:34


Posted on 5 Oct 2011, 22:12 by broomdodger
glade icon also missing
wary puppy 5.1.103
menu > utility > glade icon missing again

Posted on 6 Oct 2011, 3:30 by aragon2
Wouldn't mp-5 be a good choice for a simple text editor? You have 2 ui's, cli and gtk and you allready have an old version of mp as cli editor.