Slacko 5.3-RC2

Release Candidate 2 of the upcoming Slacko Puppy 5.3 is out:

If you want to test it, do so today, as the final, if no big bugs emerge, is imminent.

Posted on 23 Oct 2011, 9:14


Posted on 23 Oct 2011, 10:27 by tempestuous
SCSI not old
I just noticed the response to my suggestion that Fusion MPT SCSI drivers be considered for inclusion in new Puppy kernels -
I'm disappointed to see that this issue is being interpreted by Barry, and possibly others, as relating to "older" hardware.
True, SCSI hard drives and interfaces have long disappeared from mainstream computer products ...
but SCSI interfaces remain a standard option on corporate computer products, including the current range of Dell PowerEdge tower servers -
The optional SCSI card in question is the LSI2032 PCIe card, for which the Linux driver is the MPT Fusion driver that I have been talking about in earlier posts.

Whether SCSI drivers are included or not is no big deal by me, but let's understand the true nature of the situation.

Posted on 23 Oct 2011, 16:16 by ChiJoan
SCSI is a lifesaver
Many times I repair newer and older desktop computers and servers whose motherboards' controllers have become faulty by adding a SCSI controller, hard drive, and sometimes even an internal CD SCSI writer.

When you can pick up bargain external SCSI drives for back-ups why not keep the code in? I keep my full SCSI support Puppy CD handy for testing out my drives. Heck I just found 2 USB-to-SCSI adapters that I plan to test soon, since one of my 5.25" external disk enclosures died, but the power supply is still good, and the bottom portion of its case is working with one of those adapters that have IDE and SATA plugs.

Thanks for all the Puppy breeds, too bad Legacy 2 of TeenPuppy fame had no way to get online for me. I'm glad I still have RudyPuppy and Extended Barbie, too.