Sylpheed versus SM Mail

What a difference! It is comparing something created by one or two people with something created by a committee.

I have been using online (cloud) email with Gmail for so many years and have not used a local email client in all that time. I have had a wake-up call about the dangers of the cloud, see my previous post:

I have been complacent, have too much stuff in my online email account. Which of course Gmail encourages.

I have decided to POP it all. First I setup SeaMonkey Mail and News. What convoluted logic! -- I was unable to move the 'inbox' to my mounted partition.

Enter Sylpheed. Easy to setup my mounted partition as the mailbox -- simple, logical, like it should be. Then I was able to import the emails that I had already downloaded with SM (about 500). Now I am downloading the rest.

But, as Lobster says, with us changing puppies so often, we need somehow to automate the setup of the mail client. Some kind of "remember all of this" which creates a script on the mounted partition -- then when running a new pup all you have to do is click on the script. It could even install Sylpheed if it isn't already!

Posted on 2 Mar 2012, 16:31


Posted on 2 Mar 2012, 17:12 by ozsouth
In a remaster I made, I had a symlink of the /root/mozilla folder, pointing to /mnt/data.
I had only to mount the desired partition at /mnt/data, & all my SM settings were there.

Posted on 2 Mar 2012, 17:35 by Sage
email clients
If you like Sylpheed you'll like Claws, a fork, even more, although it's bigger. Claws also has masses of add-ons to cater for almost everything, making it even bigger, of course.
Surprised that you haven't tried EudoraOSE yet? Several Puppy developers have made .pet s of it for various flavours. Folks who have tried it like it. Only downside is that it is a bit too much like Thunderbird now, having been absorbed into the host; the UI is still most acceptable. Also Webster-only until you populate the personal dictionary.

Posted on 2 Mar 2012, 17:56 by esmourguit
Keep Seamonkey Mail
I plead for the preservation of Seamonkey Mail.
I allways use Seamonkey without any problems since I discovered Puppy.
As I often change of versions to try and translate the new scripts, a long time ago I moved the file /root/.mozilla in my local hard drive. On each new installation, I delete the file /root/.mozilla newly created and I create a symlink from the file .mozilla on my local hard drive.
Thus, I not only have all mails but all settings, bookmarks and recently opened session of Seamonkey.

Posted on 2 Mar 2012, 19:03 by BarryK
Sylpheed vs SM Mail
ozsouth, esmourguit,
Yes, a symlink might be the way ahead.

looking inside /root/.mozilla, I see there is one symlink, which would be awkward if /mnt/home is vfat or ntfs (although apparently ntfs does support symlinks, but I don't know if the ntfs-3g driver does).

It might be a good idea to implement this symlink semi-automatically, even in QuickSetup.

Another thing I like about Sylpheed is that emails are individual text files, so can be viewed individually with a text editor.

Another good thing about Sylpheed -- it has easy setup to POP or IMAP from Gmail.

Posted on 2 Mar 2012, 19:06 by BarryK
/mnt/home vfat/ntfs?
I would like to put out this question:

Has anyone done a symlink of /root/.mozilla to /mnt/home (or any other partition) that is vfat or ntfs? And it has worked ok?

Posted on 2 Mar 2012, 20:40 by zigbert
search for mails
"Another thing I like about Sylpheed is that emails are individual text files, so can be viewed individually with a text editor. "

This also makes it possible to search for mails using find/grep (pfind). Pfilesearch already supports e-mails as document-group with extension *.eml. Does Sylpheed use any extension?

Posted on 2 Mar 2012, 21:36 by BarryK
Sylpheed mail files
No, the file names are just numbers, for example "526".

The 'file' program identifies them as either:

RFC 822 mail text


ASCII mail text

Posted on 2 Mar 2012, 21:59 by Sage
For your orientation
What are the differences between Claws Mail and Sylpheed?

Claws Mail (formerly Sylpheed-Claws) started as the bleeding-edge version of Sylpheed, in order to act as a testbed for new features for Sylpheed. The idea was to regularly resync with Hiroyuki's main branch, and vice-versa. Claws Mail then evolved into the stable extended version of Sylpheed, and is now an entity in its own right, mainly due to different goals and the fact that syncing both codebases doesn't happen anymore.

Claws Mail has many extra features compared to Sylpheed and is more powerful, yet is just as fast, lightweight and stable.
Where can I get Claws Mail?

See the Downloads page
Who writes Claws Mail?

Claws Mail is developed by the Claws Mail Team.
How does Claws Mail store mails?

Mails are stored in the MH mailfile format as used by MH and EMH. Maildir and mbox format are supported via two plugins available on the

Posted on 2 Mar 2012, 23:50 by MU
for Sylpheed, I have moved /root/Mail/ and /root/sylpheed-2.0/ to a second harddisk, and then symlinked them to /root/.

Like this in other puplets, I just need to set the symlinks again in /root/, and have access to my previous sylpheed settings and mails.

So mails and settings are stored on one central drive, that I use with my desktop-pc or with my netbook, when I'm on holiday.


Posted on 3 Mar 2012, 2:25 by peebee
Symlink with ntfs
Barry asked:
Has anyone done a symlink of /root/.mozilla to /mnt/home (or any other partition) that is vfat or ntfs? And it has worked ok?

Answer: yes ntfs & yes - works great for all puppies running both Seamonkey & Firefox

Posted on 3 Mar 2012, 5:20 by vicmz
Gmail: Big fat warning
Google is security-freak. I used to check Gmail through my favorite email client. As I had to reinstall Puppy and/or applications several times, one day Google blocked my Gmail account because of 'suspicious behavior' -- I found that downloading all messages many times in a short period (one or two months in my case) is considered 'suspicious' by Google. I could never recover my account, and I use other email services for main and backup purposes.

Posted on 3 Mar 2012, 6:10 by MU
Barry asked:
Has anyone done a symlink of /root/.mozilla to /mnt/home (or any other partition) that is vfat or ntfs? And it has worked ok?

- yes for me it works, too, and also /root/.opera works fine.

You even can add some more symlinks, I use a startup script that symlinks /root/.mozilla/firefox/rjekery9.default/Cache to /tmp/ so that all temporary files are stored in RAM (as /tmp is located in RAM using tmpfs).



Posted on 3 Mar 2012, 6:13 by MU
oh sorry I had read it wrong... I just symlinked to a ext-partition, not to vfat or ntfs!

Posted on 3 Mar 2012, 9:07 by linuxcbon
There is also gnumail but don't know if any good.

Posted on 4 Mar 2012, 6:46 by GCMartin
GMail and SM
Ever since the days of Netscape mail, there has been IMAP.

I am not sure how many are aware of the differences,but, I have found that all sites which provide IMAP services with your online mail have worked MARVELOUSLY!

With GMAIL, I have been a user for many years, too.

SM (Microsoft version) has been a mainstay for maintaining a local presence of use of local mail services in conjuction with the online (ISP) mail services.

I have not and will not use any online mail services UNLESS IT PROVIDES an IMAP capabiliity.

SM works.
Here to help

Posted on 4 Mar 2012, 7:27 by broomdodger
symlink to mozilla on ntfs
Barry asked:
Has anyone done a symlink of /root/.mozilla to /mnt/home (or any other partition) that is vfat or ntfs? And it has worked ok?

racy5228 frugal on ntfs

with a symlink back and it works.

compiled sylpheed-3.2.0beta6
Did the same with Sylpheed and it also works.


Posted on 4 Mar 2012, 21:34 by p310don
changing puppy solution in the works
This idea seems timely. RSH is making some headway into making my idea reality, which coincidently will help with email setups when changing puppies.

Posted on 20 Mar 2012, 4:55 by broomdodger
sylpheed address export - xml to csv
sylpheed address export - xml to csv

Is there a general xml to csv utility for puppy?

How can sylpheed address book be exported to csv?