"Old" ideas for a new lightweight pup

I would like to draw attention to what I think is a fascinating thread on the Puppy Forum:

Goingnuts and technosaurus (and some more guys, see the thread) are investigating some very interesting ideas. There is so much "stuff" out there that has been left behind, yet some of it is really good, with much promise for building a small pup that runs fast on slow and memory-constrained hardware -- I am thinking of the fairly slow ARM CPUs for example.

I remember back when I dropped GTK1 from Puppy, I was sad about that, as apps ran noticeably faster than the GTK2 equivalents. Plus, GTK1 is much smaller. One of the main problems with GTK1 was the visually unappealing non-antialised font rendering, but there was one partially successful fix to use Xft that I used -- but, technosaurus has posted about this other old project:
...that also uses Xft, plus Pango.

To build a Puppy with GTK1, one thing that we need is gtkdialog. Well goingnuts has backported gtkdialog to GTK1:

Anyone know other links to revitalized old GTK1 projects? Or even dead projects that should be revitalized? Any other relevant Forum threads?

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Posted on 4 Apr 2012, 20:54 by lobster
Pico-pup and others

We also had a Puppy which booted to Cli
and only ran cli programs - can not remember name . . .

Posted on 4 Apr 2012, 22:22 by Dougal
Barry, this week's Distrowatch Weekly has a review of PapugLinux:
It seems to work like Puppy (can be copied to ram etc.) and they're using Rox 1.6.3... so maybe they have more gtk1 stuff.
You might also want to ask Amigo, as he was also a Rox1 fan.

Posted on 5 Apr 2012, 4:48 by GCMartin
Direction of our world
While some may find this worthy as it points to the kind of computing revolution that we will be donig on our phones/pads sooner than later.

Many of the world's charities for groups/individual seniors/students/disadvantaged peoples/schools/worship locations are disribuing systems that are 1GB or larger.

Hope these items help awareness.

Posted on 5 Apr 2012, 7:29 by Raffy
The recent entry of a $79 tablet (yes, only a bit over 2X the RaspPi) in the Ainol Novo tablet has offered an MIPS chipset competitor to the ARM solutions. The new option is interesting.

Posted on 5 Apr 2012, 8:41 by raymundo dionicio
On managed 'Hardchitecture'
It is my personal view that
ARM architecture is deliberately
managed to never touch i386 arch.
in terms of soft compatibility.


(almost there, but will never!)

I have better hope of
AMD and Intel delivering lower and
lower TDP capable cpu's an apu's.

Posted on 6 Apr 2012, 4:50 by GCMartin
Market Monopoly
We should NOT expect that AMD or Intel will invade this market just yet.

They may elect to stay out to avoid monopoly suits. But, we may see some new start-up enter as the hand-held (xphones/xPAD) become ever more popular in the home-business environments.

All of these platforms will begin life at !GB, soon to become 4GB RAM for the very tiniest of "free" standing platforms.

The Marketplace ahnd-helds will be start at 64GB by year end.

It is expected that by 2015, there will have been sold a hand-held for every man-woman-child on the planet.

Posted on 6 Apr 2012, 5:21 by GCMartin
Market Monopoly - An Example
An Example

Posted on 6 Apr 2012, 8:53 by disciple
GTK1 Rox
> Or even dead projects that should be revitalized?

Personally I think there are two main missing features in the GTK1 Rox:
- reading exif thumbnails for JPEGS (reading the whole file and then creating a thumbnail is incredibly slow).
- a history menu (I believe there was a patch for bookmarks, but I suspect it didn't include history).