Woof commit 9d81d0919b

This is the version of Woof used to build Wary and Racy 5.3-final.

Woof commit:

The "last minute" changes to Woof before building Wary/Racy 5.3 was deciding on what version of the Flash Player to download (though in future that needs more work, such as a choice) and a fix for alsaconf.pot submitted by L18L.

Posted on 5 Apr 2012, 9:26


Posted on 8 Apr 2012, 8:42 by GCMartin
Renastering tool
@BarryK I wan't sure where the right palce to post this is.

The Remastering tool in PUppy specifically ask that if something is found missing, to report it to you.

One problem that may not have been reported is when the remastering tool runs to capture the /etc folder, it misses the "running" contents of /etc/samba folder. This is important to the community as more and more of us are using SAMBA. He stores our configuration file int that folder.

Time permitting, could someone address this for the remsastering tool.

Thanks in advance

Posted on 9 Apr 2012, 4:59 by pemasu
found in Packages-puppy-noarch-official but the pets does not seem to be in repo.

Posted on 9 Apr 2012, 8:22 by BarryK
Re shared-mime-info
Ok, now uploaded.

Posted on 9 Apr 2012, 17:49 by pemasu
shared-mime-info > thanks
Thank you of quick respond. I used it and woof built your latest woof2 version. So far works great.