Mele A2000 Internet set top box

I posted recently about the Mele A1000, of which I have ordered two:

The manufacturer has now released the A2000, which appears to have almost the same specifications. Details:

The A2000 can be ordered from here:

Posted on 5 Apr 2012, 10:04


Posted on 5 Apr 2012, 12:29 by aarf
"We're sorry. The page you requested can not be found!"
"Search "A2000" Results
Sorry, no matches were found for your refined search."

so you use a virtual keyboard?

Posted on 5 Apr 2012, 14:21 by BarryK
Links work
I just tested both URLs, they work for me.

Posted on 5 Apr 2012, 15:06 by broomdodger
this link does not work

This link does not work for me:

The A2000 can be ordered from here:
We're sorry. The page you requested can not be found!


Posted on 5 Apr 2012, 17:42 by lobster
active server pages
This link does not work for me.
Did not work for me. Now it does.
aspx is a microsoft 'service'.
This may explain it.

Posted on 5 Apr 2012, 19:57 by aarf
A2000 link ok now for me. wasnt there for hours before.

Posted on 5 Apr 2012, 20:15 by aarf
A2000 power usage
on previous request BK informed that ARM was wonderful because it was low power. from the now working link page, 5V/2A = 10W then you still have to power a screen. and keyboard. it is not blowing my approx 25W eeepc out of the water. still dont have watt usage specs for x86 VIA Eden X2 Processors at with better GHZ but have it from the horses mouth that via eden isnt going to go into a gecko.

Posted on 5 Apr 2012, 22:25 by cnxsoft
Power Supply for HDD
I think they use a 5V/2A power supply to make sure there is enough power for any 2.5" hard drive. If you don't use an hard drive, the power consumption would be much lower.

The USB keyboard (and mouse) would also be powered by the same power supply, so the only extra power supply you need is for the display.

Posted on 6 Apr 2012, 8:43 by scsijon
1st url works this morning

Posted on 6 Apr 2012, 8:49 by scsijon
update from the 1000 site
[Update: On the mailing list:

Summary: the A10 machines are unbrickable.

1. you can always update nand with livesuite, even the nand flash is blank.
2. you can use a special sd card image to flash nand no matter firmware on nand is ok or not
3. The sd card boot priority is higher than nand, so if there is a bootable image on sd card, nand is ignored.

Posted on 6 Apr 2012, 8:53 by scsijon
You don't really need the 2 cables. The USB cable is not really needed (unless you want to debug Android app and/or update the bootloader) and the UART cable won't be needed once the framebuffer console is enabled. ]

You can get further development resources at the end of the post “AllWinner A10/A1X Processor Resources, Development Board and SDK” in arm-netbook mailing list developers hacking the Mele A1000 discuss.

Posted on 7 Apr 2012, 4:08 by GCMartin
No HDMI cable
Anyone else notice "NO HDMI cable". This will add to your cost.

Hope this helps

Posted on 7 Apr 2012, 5:02 by aarf
Ainol Novo
raffys new sub $100 mips clone
saw it in the shops yesterday but it was approx $130. wondering if it does multi-tasking, unlike ipad i believe. my eeepc has started purring on occasion.i think the fan has dislocated something, so i may be tempted to get a camera included novo7 model.price is right.
set-top boxes aren't for me because i dont pay extra for rooms with a TV that i dont watch.