RP: Full-screen video

Puppy alpha1 and alpha2 do not fill a HDMI screen. It is supposed to be 720p, however somewhere there is "overscan" imposed, which creates a black border.

The way to get the video to fill the entire screen is by appending this line to file 'config.txt' in the first partition:


You can alternatively specify the overscan (black border) on each side, which you might want to do if the video is rendering too large on your screen and overlapping the edges.

The overscan settings are described here:

Posted on 6 Jul 2012, 21:44


Posted on 6 Jul 2012, 22:46 by BarryK
1080p 1920x1080 pixels
I also put these into my 'config.txt':


I am now getting 1080p, that is, 1920x1080 pixels, on my TV screen. It is a 20 inch TV.

I never before had such a big working area!

Posted on 6 Jul 2012, 23:07 by BarryK
Ah, no, at bootup, my TV reports that input is 1080i.

That is interleaved, only "pretend" 1080.

Anyway, my old eyes prefer everything to be bigger, so I have added this:


Which is 720p 50Hz, 1280x720 pixels.
Note, I did try "hdmi_mode=4" which is 720p 60Hz, but got a blank screen.

Ah yes, very easy on the eyes.