Pcurlftp, Planner ARM PETs

I compiled Planner project manager, that technosaurus had hacked awhile back to not need gconf, runs nice on the RP (390KB. 2.6MB, 737KB):

RP Puppy alpha2 does not have curlftpfs file-sharing PET, however 01micko has separated out the binary executables, compiled them on the RP and created PETs. I have uploaded them (97KB, 17KB, 5KB, 21KB, 5KB, 30KB):

Pcurlftp_file_sharing is a great little app created by kirk for sharing files over a network, see Forum post:

...I dubbed it with the name "Pcurlftp".

Kirk reported yesterday that ibiblio.org has run out of space. Yes, today I have found that also, was unable to upload my PETs. So, I deleted a big un-needed file, then upload succeeded.

I then realised that some other distro will grab the space that I have released! So I did a ssh login and copied some big files, until it stopped with "no space left on device". Heh heh, next time that I want to upload something, I will delete one or more of those un-needed files, upload, then fill up the remaining space again.
Hopefully though, ibiblio will add some more space.

Posted on 8 Jul 2012, 18:40


Posted on 9 Jul 2012, 5:04 by kirk
The ibiblio folks freed up 29GB. So we uploaded Fatdog64-600 final. But I see it's all gone now. Might be good to put in a help ticket. If you like pcurlftp, you might want to take a look at the Samba browser client rox app we have in Fatdog64-600. It's simlar to pcurlftp.

Posted on 9 Jul 2012, 5:33 by K Godt
sfs files ?
29GB are getting filled quickly with that many distributions .

May i ask which files got deleted ?

Posted on 9 Jul 2012, 9:30 by BarryK
Re 29GB
That wasn't me grabbing all that space! I only copied a couple of files about 100MB each and it ran out of space on the second file.

Posted on 9 Jul 2012, 10:53 by kirk
re 29GB
I didn't mean to suggest that you did. Probably one of big distros. I did think about logging in and using dd to make a big file, but I didn't :).