Various updates

I am getting ready to build Precise Puppy beta3, so doing an update of various packages:

GetFlash 1.1 (shinobar)
Pburn 3.7.4 (zigbert)
pfilesearch 1.32 (zigbert)
NO Pfind 5.04 -- did not upgrade, zigbert's pet corrupted.
Pfind 5.01 (zigbert) -- note, removed trailing comma from pet.specs deps field.
Pmusic 2.6.5 (zigbert) -- note, slight modif. to
Pprocess 2.3.2 9zigbert) -- note, removed trailing comma from pet.specs deps field.

I also added this DEB package to Precise Puppy:


Posted on 25 Aug 2012, 12:31


Posted on 25 Aug 2012, 13:34 by Ted reborn

Would you (re-)consider Ted.
It was updated in January deceptively from 2.21 to 2.22 -
"Thorough brush-up of the internals.
Many-many annoying bugs fixed."

The lack of undo was a show stopper and maybe it's less buggy than Abiword when embedding images.

Posted on 25 Aug 2012, 16:19 by BarryK
Ubuntu 12.04.1
Ubuntu 12.04.1 has been released.

I presume that the 12.04.1 updated DEBs are in the "precise-updates" repository.

I need to think about building with these for beta3.

Posted on 25 Aug 2012, 22:58 by Iguleder1
Barry, today I started to prepare the ground for dpup64. My plan is to port Exprimo to x86_64, using Wheezy packages. I tried to do this with Slacko, but gave up because we still don't have a stable Slackware 14.0 spup and things don't work well.

Today, I built 126 PET packages in about 6 hours inside a barebones dpup64, automatically - everything is available here. They're ultra-optimized and quite small.

Next week, I want to build another big bunch of packages - things like installwatch and guess_fs, all those small and annoying packages that make Puppy hard to port. I have the means for automating their compilation, too.

The only missing package is the kernel - I'll build one once all other packages look good.

By the way, I think this is the best opportunity we had to port Puppy to other architectures:
- Debian Wheezy uses kernel 3.2. It got frozen quite recently, so we can begin dpup Wheezy development - pemasu works on it.
- Raspberry Pi uses kernel 3.2 and Raspbian packages, which are basically Debian Wheezy's.
- Ubuntu 12.04 uses pretty much the same packages as Debian Wheezy (including kernel 3.2) and Precise Puppy exists already.

In other words, everybody uses the same package versions as Debian Wheezy and the same kernel! This is our best chance we ever had to port Puppy to more architecture.

If we use Debian as the base, we can use the same package list (well, except architecture-agnostic X drivers and stuff) and create a Puppy for pretty much any architecture. x86_64 seems like a good start IMHO.

Posted on 25 Aug 2012, 24:23 by Jota

" This is our best chance we ever had to port Puppy to more architecture. "


Posted on 26 Aug 2012, 2:26 by bigpup
Gpart not all needed
This is one of the biggest things that I find wrong with new versions of Puppy. They seem to never update to the latest version of Gparted.
When problems with Gparted happen, sure seems not having the latest version would be part of the cause.
Gparted is at version 0.13.1

I always get the latest version of the Gparted live CD to do any partitioning and format.

Posted on 26 Aug 2012, 4:27 by technosaurus
re: gparted
Unfortunately, for each bug fixed in Gparted, 2 more are created... Gotta love C++. Fedora (perhaps others) has/had a gtk based disk partitioning tool used by their installer that is written in C, but has a lot of little obscure dependencies.

Reminds me... I really need to do some distro hopping to see what is new... Is there a thread for that sort of stuff... For instance netsurf is now using git which has an xcb backend for its framebuffer version as well as the beginnings of javascript support... Perfect for a lightweight html viewer in Racy+
I recently got java running in wary with gtk backend using jamvm (~100kb pet) using gnu classpath from Arch (though it can easily be cut down from arch's defaults by removing classes from its similar to what we do with perl). I assume other distros would have it also, but icedtea/openjdk is also supported in jamvm master.
Also started a little project to fulfill build dependencies for dbus and dbus-glib (and plans for Gconf and Gconf-dbus)

... Any other requests for elimination of other useless dependencies? There are 2 options:
My way is build time only and completely removes the dependencies altogether. There is another project called nobus that builds small replacement stubs that could be used in non-native woof builds from other distros. I could work on either or both, but I am going back to school for a masters in cs, so time will be limited and my concise coding may falter a bit due to java being the school's preferred language.

BTW simple icon tray and simple game framework are 4kb combined and rely heavily on advances we have recently made with svg (though both work with other images).

Posted on 27 Aug 2012, 4:51 by zigbert
I have removed the trailing comma.
Pburn also has this....

Will look at pFind tomorrow

Posted on 27 Aug 2012, 5:57 by zigbert
pFind 5.04
Ok, pFind 5.04 is reuploaded
...without trailing comma :)

Posted on 28 Aug 2012, 13:51 by BarryK
Pfind 5.04
Thanks, I have upgraded Woof to 5.04, will upload the PET to ibiblio soon.