Wary: older Geeqie

Forum member tuxtoo reported that the Geeqie image viewer (from wary5 repo) crashes in Wary:

Tuxtoo found an older version, compiled back in 2009 by puppyluvr, that works:

I have added an icon to puppyluvr's PET and rolled back to this older version in the ibiblio 'wary5' repo. I will upload the PET soon.

Posted on 27 Sep 2012, 10:11


Posted on 2 Oct 2012, 5:49 by tuxtoo
What was the problem
A bit curious here about why geeqie crashed. I also had the same problem with Jemimah's pet from here:-
On puppy 412. geeqie-1.0alpha3-i486.pet worked perfectly on puppy 412 also.