VLC-GTK 2.5.4

Sc0ttman has updated VLC-GTK, a GUI frontend for VLC commandline media player. See Forum:

I have uploaded the PET to the 'noarch' repo (28KB):

There are two dependencies, 'xdotool' and 'rtmpdump', that I have uploaded to the 'common' repo (78KB, 47KB):

Well, also 'vlc_nogui' package is also required.

Posted on 9 Oct 2012, 8:18


Posted on 10 Oct 2012, 7:53 by scottman
updated again... sorry
Hi, I jumped the gun a bit on 2.5.4, it works OK, but I was actually working towards 2.5.5, which I finished quicker than I thought....

vlc-gtk 2.5.5 is mainly a bugfix, with various fixes for newer features, but also has 2 important changes:

- batch file conversion now supported
- vlc wont hang at end of file/dvd/dir/screen:// conversion or capture