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This blog is probably archived

August 22, 2017 — BarryK


The new blog is just about setup the way I like it, and is looking very good.

What is truly amazing is the speed. Google rates it at 97/100 for mobiles, and 95/100 for the desktop.

My new host, shared account,, has slightly slower server response times than (which is the one running this blog). Even so, Bashblog is lightning fast.

Being static, it is also secure.

Tada, here it is:

The new blog is for Linux-related posts. I intend to setup another for personal and other topics.

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Not yet archived

August 16, 2017 — BarryK
I decided to keep this blog going for awhile longer, as still testing various alternatives.


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Old blogs archived

August 13, 2017 — BarryK
I had two old blogs, set to read-only, at and, however, had to remove them as my host complained of too much traffic.

I was meaning to convert them to static HTML pages, and finally have done it. Found a great tool for the job, Httrack. It has a browser interface, by running "webhttrack".

I re-enabled the online blogs and used webhttrack to download one of them. Oh, it downloaded heaps of files from other sites, mostly linked images.
After some online searching, found the trick to restrain download to only inside the blog.

There are "Scan Rules". Delete them, replace with:
-* +** -*/?delete=*

The "-*" removes everything, then "+**" will restrain downloads to have that text in the URL.

Httrack follows every link that it can find on the blog, which takes a very long time. I did not see the point of it following the Delete button, so added that fine filter item.

The old blogs are now here:

This blog,, is also there, converted to static pages, as I am planning to move to a new blog script (and website) in the next day or two.

Another item of news: is now on a new host,

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This blog now archived

August 13, 2017 — BarryK
Yes, this blog has reached EOL (End Of Life).

This is the final post!

I have moved to a new hosting provider, and taking the opportunity for a clean sweep of just about everything.

This blog script is unmaintained and a security risk. About a year ago, or more, I was forced to disable comments.

The domain name is now pointing to the new site, and I have installed HTMLy, a lovely flat-file blog written in PHP. The new blog is here:

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Issy Simpson, magician

July 07, 2017 — BarryK
Ha ha, have been too serious, all these blog posts on Linux development. Now for something lighter...

I have been watching Britain's Got Talent on and off. Was most entertained by Issy Simpson. Don't know how she did most of it.

Here is her first performance:

Assuming that it is not "real" magic, I think that I know how she did the box. Very simple actually. She just needed one of those suction cups that are used for lifting glass, builtin to the base of the box.

Like this one, that sticks and releases in seconds:

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Seagate 4TB desktop drive

June 06, 2017 — BarryK
I was considering purchasing a NAS (Network Attached Storage), however, decided on a simpler solution to my scattered storage problem -- one nice big portable drive.

Today bought a Seagate Expansion 4TB hard drive, for AU$199:

As it has its own power supply, no problem with plugging this into any of my arm boards. So, can move it around as needed.

I own a 2.5 inch 2TB USB3 drive, that will probably get relegated to a backup role.

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Thunderbolt3, do-everything interface

May 27, 2017 — BarryK
Intel has made licensing of the Thunderbolt3 interface "free", in an attempt to encourage its adoption.

As reported here:

Fascinating! I look forward to seeing this on a mobile phone.
PCs too. Apparently, Apple and Microsoft are in on this. Intel plan to integrate Thunderbolt3 into the CPU chip, thus ensuring its adoption on the PC platform.

See also the announcement at

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