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Water desalination

April 15, 2019 — BarryK

Several years ago, I was given a solar water distillation panel. This measures 1.1 by 1.1 metres, and at the time, although I thought it was pretty cool, did not have a use for it, and it got stored in the shed. fast forward to 2019, and I can envisage how it could play a part when camping for extended periods in remote areas. Here is a blog post, showing it assembled:

I have received some PDFs from Martin, the Production & Technical Manager at F-Cubed in Australia.

My panel is the C1000, and is now only manufactured for bulk orders. That means, anyone who wants to buy one right now, will have to choose either the C2000 or C3000. The former is 2 metres long, so could fit on the roof of a vehicle. A sliding tray to hold it, might have to extend out from the roof-rack somewhat.


Solar power setup

April 14, 2019 — BarryK

To be created...

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