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EVE Web Edition now free!
I have decided to release the current version of EVE WE for free. Although I do obtain a small income from regular sales of EVE WE, I decided that I wish to contribute more to promoting SVG. Hence now there is no charge. The payment button is still there, in case you are inspired to make a donation :-).
To download EVE WE, go here:

Username: evewe6     Password: wesuperior

Note that only the current version is free and I reserve the right to reintroduce a fee for a future version. All rights of the free version remain with me, Barry Kauler.

EVE Web Edition is an enhanced version of EVE, for those who create web pages. If you've used the free standard EVE, you will know the simple uncluttered user interface hides a powerful product. Well, EVE has now zoomed to an even higher echelon of power and convenience.

There is only ONE thing that the Web Edition does more than the standard EVE: export to SVG (there is also import SVG, but it is to be treated as pre-alpha at this stage).

SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) is the new international open standard for vector graphics on the Web. Vector graphics has major advantages compared with GIF and JPG bitmap images, such as small file size and scalability without any loss of quality.
However, it goes a lot further than that -- a vector image stores each shape or element as a mathematical formula, so each element can be individually edited. This means that on a web page, an individual element in a SVG graphic can animate or be a hot-spot for sound or hyperlink to another web page. In fact, SVG competes with Macromedia Flash, a proprietary standard.

An SVG file is a text file, just like HTML -- and you web page developers know the advantage of being able to go down to the HTML code level and tweak the code if your WYSIWYG HTML editor doesn't do quite the right thing. Note also that SVG files can be compressed and will have extension .svgz, and can still be opened directly by an SVG viewer. I've seen examples of graphics in GIF being say 60K and only 1K in SVG.

Creating SVG graphics with EVE is so simple. What you see on an EVE diagram can become an SVG graphic on a Web page. It's that simple, but you really do need to get the visual impact of actually seeing an EVE-created SVG graphic. There is one immediately below, but you won't see it until you download the Adobe SVG Viewer. Go ahead and do it, as it's not just my page that has SVG graphics on it ...

Click on this button to download the SVG Viewer:

download SVG Viewer

(approx. 2.3M)

Note that you may already have it, as Adobe now bundle the SVG Viewer with their Acrobat PDF Viewer -- which means that the SVG viewer is proliferating -- I read somewhere it's on 160 million PCs and going rapidly up.

After installation, come back to this page and press the browser's "refresh" button. Then, boggle your eyes at this...

Just about everything that you can do in EVE exports to SVG. The above SVG graphic shows various shapes, text, bitmaps, animation, and hyperlink. Text has automatic wordwrap, can be rotated. Any element can animate. The WWW and text-file link activators all work in SVG. For example, the face with the goggling eyes is a hyperlink to another web page -- hyperlinks don't have to be bitmaps incidentally, as the link activator can attach to any element.

The Web Edition of EVE is so simple to use, yet so incredibly powerful and useful. Want her? To get access to EVE WE, I would like a small token of support. It'll cost you just $10. Yes, that's all -- I just want a gesture of support from my users, to help with Internet and phone costs, OS upgrades etc.


EVE WE is now free!
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Examples, etc

For your further amusement, here are some interesting examples. If you're still not convinced about the EVE/SVG combo, I suggest look through these examples -- they are quite dramatic evidence of the advantages of both EVE and SVG.

Outside downloads:

More SVG information on GOOSEE.COM site:

What am I planning for the future of EVE? Your one-year of free upgrades will get you in on this. Basically, I will be incrementally adding new useful features, aiming to cover more of the SVG specification. No promises regarding any schedule -- I tend to work in bursts of creativity, in between periods of torpidity.

Barry Kauler

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