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http://bkhome.org/archive/puppylinux is an archive of puppylinux.com as at January 3, 2016.
The new maintainer of http://puppylinux.com is Mick Amadio, username 01micko at http://murga-linux.com/puppy

Barry Kauler launched Puppy Linux in 2003 and coordinated its progress until late 2013, when Barry retired and gave control to the "Puppy community", a group of enthusiastic Puppy developers and testers.

These are the two main sites for information about Puppy Linux:



There are numerous releases of Puppy, created by Puppy-enthusiasts, however, the "official" releases are announced at these two sites:



There is a very active forum for discussing all things Puppy. Please note that this forum has a broad agenda, and discussion includes many sub-projects and Puppy-derivatives and forks:


For those who want to know about the technical side of Puppy, the inner workings, puppylinux.com (see entry link at bottom of page), has a lot of background technical detail.
For those who want to get involved in development, or create their own custom Puppy, look here:


Barry still has a "hand in" with Linux distro development, having created Quirky Linux in 2013, a fork of Puppy. Quirky is a venue for trying out new, and "quirky", ideas:


And, in 2017, another experimental branch of Quirky, named Easy OS, was created:


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